About Us


YOUSTUFF aims to provide you with valuable information to help you make smart decisions yourself, without telling you what is a right or wrong opinion. It’s a resource designed to help answer some of the tricky questions we face as we grow up and about the world around us. As our teenage years mean we’re exposed to lots of different situations that we need to mull over, it helps to see what others think about those situations as well as hear from some experts it the subject and that’s where YOUSTUFF comes in.

From safety online through to the importance of keeping fit and how to understand politics through to being aware of what’s happening in the world around us, it covers a range of topics suggested by you and then created hand in hand with young adults, like yourself, to ensure we’re asking the right questions and giving you lots of points to think about.

The site is fairly simple, you’ll find lots of sections with videos, quizzes, interviews with experts and lots of tips, tactics and information to consider about certain topics and if we’re missing something you’d like to see then get in touch and tell us.

Email: liketosee@youstuff.co.uk (not yet live)

So why not have a click around, explore our different subject guides and get to grips with the important stuff that affects you?

Teacher? Parent? or Group Leader?

If you’re a parent, teacher or group leader, the ‘Resources Toolkit’ page contains lots of essential background information on the subjects we explore, along with education resources that you can use in your classrooms or groups to encourage young adults to think about some of life’s tricky situations.

This YOUSTUFF area is designed to help you support young adults and fits nicely into the PSHE programme of education for key stage 4 students. But YOUSTUFF is not just for use in secondary schools, our resources give you activities and discussion points that can be used at home, with community groups or in any situation where young adults may need to have access to a resource that encourages objective thinking.

YOUSTUFF is an ever growing site and therefore if we’re missing something you’d like to see then get in touch and tell us.

Email liketosee@youstuff.co.uk (not yet live)

YOUSTUFF is currently overseen by CORE Education Trust in partnership with Birmingham City Council.